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Israeli Merkava Tank...

By striking Iran in Tehran as well as Syria, Israel opened another war arena outside Syria.

The West, unfortunately, encourages these "moderate" Muslim apologists to keep on advancing these false views.

I have lived for years in these places in the Middle East and seen with my own eyes the cruelty and abuse that takes place under extremist Islamic law.

Not only are Hamas and Mahmoud Abbas wholly shirking their responsibility to their people, they also are prepared to foil any attempt by outsiders, in this case the US, to work towards ending the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Opposing a peace initiative because you do not like its content is one thing. Opposing a peace initiative designed to improve the lives of your people is another thing entirely.

It seems as if President Trump's threat to cut funding unless the Palestinians came to the peace table, had some effect.

For the past two decades, the anti-Israel rhetoric of Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership has radicalized many Palestinians, to a point where they are no longer willing to accept any form of compromise or peace with Israel.

“Islam is not a constitution to govern. It’s a constitution to guide. And even that can be questioned because you cannot impose your faith on anyone, whether you have a government or not.”: Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi: ‘All Islamic Governments’ Are Failures ‘Because Religion Is Not a Constitution’.

What is UNRWA?

UNRWA: The UN Agency that Creates Palestinian Refugees.

The video and pictures of an unidentified woman in Iran removing her hijab, placing it on a stick and waving it, which circulated widely on social media, have become a symbol of the recent protests in the Islamic Republic. The woman was reportedly arrested shortly after her act of defiance.

“The regime wants you to think that either there are no protests, or that the protests are solely about the economy. But I am not protesting the economy. Women are protesting the repressive Islamist laws. I am sick of Hijab, Sharia law and Sharia police. Women are sick of the Sharia police monitoring them constantly for what they wear, what they say, what they drink, where they go, and what kind of relationships they have”. – Leila, a young Iranian woman.