Medical Research

For the first time in 30 years, a new type of antibiotic has been unearthed, buried in dirt (stock).

New antibiotic has literally been unearthed: Drug discovered in soil kills the MRSA ‘superbug’ and could help stem the antibiotic-resistance crisis.

Researchers at Liverpool University interviewed dog and non-dog owners to test their emotional stability. They found that people who were more secure and less neurotic were least likely to be bitten by a dog. The team also found people who were insecure had insecure dogs.

Dogs CAN sense fear… and it may make them bite you: Scientists find link between being anxious around the animals and risk of being bitten.

Two monkeys have followed in the footsteps of Dolly the Sheep by becoming the world's first primates to be cloned from transferred DNA. Identical long-tailed macaques Zhong Zhong (pictured) and Hua Hua were born eight and six weeks ago respectively at a laboratory in China.

Chinese monkeys become the first primates in the world to be replicated using the ‘Dolly the Sheep’ method of transferring DNA.

The physical trace of a single memory — also called an engram — has long evaded capture.

Every memory leaves its own imprint in the brain, and researchers are starting to work out what one looks like.

Dr Zayner made headlines last month when he became the first person known to have edited their own DNA using Crispr (artist's impression). The biochemist attempted to give himself super strength by removing a protein that inhibits muscle growth in his left arm.

Former Nasa scientist wants to create a new breed of SUPERHUMANS by ‘helping people genetically modify themselves’ using DNA injections (and he’s even tried them on himself).