Medical Research

Smoking, eating or vaping marijuana impairs memory and learning up to 24 hours after consumption, a new Canadian study reveals, two days after weed was legalized there.

Marijuana’s effects linger for 24 hours: Study finds users struggle to retain new information for a day after indulging.

Researchers have traced some cases of acute flaccid myelitis to a known virus, but treatments remain elusive.

“Poliolike” Childhood Muscle-Weakening Disease Reappears

A study of 205,000 women, led by Harvard University, found those who regularly took a quarter-dose painkiller were far less likely to be diagnosed with the cancer.

Just a quarter of an aspirin a day could slash a woman’s ovarian cancer risk by 25%, Harvard study finds

Stem cells which were first discovered in the 1960s are being used to treat a range of previously incurable ailments.

Scientists hail stem cell revolution to treat previously incurable conditions.

The blue clay, which is found only in the US state of Oregon could have antibacterial properties that could kill bacteria resistant to drugs, scientists say (pictured: a researchers digging up the clay).

The rare blue clay that kills MRSA: Clay found only in Oregon may offer hope in tackling the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

Scientists find way to reverse cell damage caused by ageing.

Scientists find way to reverse cell damage caused by ageing.

The artificial lungs were fitted in the pigs.

Lab-made organs successfully transplanted into living pigs in huge medical breakthrough.

Scientists have made a huge breakthrough in the fight against ageing.

Anti-ageing breakthrough: Drug to reverse ageing in immune system.

By studying rats in a smarter way, scientists are finally learning something useful about why some drinkers become addicted and others don’t.

A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism