Erdogan Pledges to Bring Vetoed UN Security Council Resolution on Jerusalem to General Assembly. Link: http://bit.ly/2B7U2o4

At the rate we’re going it will probably be an improvement: Robots will have babies with humans in 100 years Link: http://bit.ly/2BE0CUz

There was a lot of good news in President Donald Trump’s new National Security Strategy (NSS) — the document which finally told the truth about climate change: that green activists pose a bigger threat to U.S. security than anything the climate can manage. Link: http://bit.ly/2B6d1PV

Saudis detain Palestinian-Jordanian billionaire to compel Abbas’ instant presence in Riyadh. Link: http://bit.ly/2B5c9ex

The Trump team is probably not going to seek to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. To do so would be to provoke Trump’s crucial supporters in Congress. Instead, they seem to be seeking to discredit him and his investigation. Link: http://fxn.ws/2kO6eDo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday was expected to give final approval to a sweeping tax bill and send it to President Donald Trump to sign into law, sealing his first major legislative victory in office. Link: http://reut.rs/2BkPhMh

Some stunning new details about the gruesome discovery of the bodies of Toronto billionaires Honey and Barry Sherman have investigators scratching their heads on why were they killed? Was this a double homicide? A murder-suicide? Link: http://bit.ly/2oVc7Ei

Trudeau says marijuana will be legal next summer. Link: http://bit.ly/2kPmZy7

Djermane not guilty, Jamali convicted on explosives charge. Link: http://bit.ly/2CLHkMd

After 73 years, New Brunswick couple separated by officials right before Christmas. Link: http://bit.ly/2DePbmC

At a rally in Orlando, Florida shortly after U.S. President Donald Trump’s historic declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, an activist at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)-sponsored event ranted, “[Jews] are the crappiest piece of shit on this planet.” Link: http://bit.ly/2yZBvbL See Also: http://bit.ly/2kM08Uo

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked President Trump for intel that thwarted terror attack. Link: http://bit.ly/2kmtr0b