European Politics

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May, speaks on the second day of the G20 Leader's Summit, in Buenos Aires.

U.K.’s PM Theresa May talks trade as domestic troubles mount over Brexit deal

The withdrawal deal is due to be voted on in an emergency summit on Sunday.

Brexit Bombshell: How Edward Heath ‘lied to Conservative MPs’ on EU entry

A total of 10,000 Ukrainians from all over the country participated in the poll. Statistical uncertainty does not exceed 1%.

Poll shows Timoshenko as Ukraine’s presidential frontrunner, while Poroshenko struggles.

It looks like Mrs. May is sticking this one out.

Theresa May Survives the 1922 Committee

MPs last night told Mrs May (pictured today at church in Maidenhead) that she was in the 'last chance saloon' and called on her to face them at their 1922 Committee meeting.

Brexit Secretary warns plotters threatening to ‘assassinate’ Theresa May’s premiership to ignore the ‘jitters’ and hold their nerve to get a Brexit deal – after she is warned she has 72 hours to save her job.

After the EU rejected her Chequers plan last week at a summit in the Austrian city of Salzburg, she blamed the bloc for the negotiating 'impasse' and insisted that 'no deal is better than a bad deal'.

Annual Conservatives conference under siege by May defending Brexit conundrum from all sides.

French Senate Gérard Larcher has criticised the EU.

EU IN CRISIS: French leader says Brussels being ‘crushed’ by its own bureaucracy.

May is said to have told Ministers she already 'cleared' the plan with Merkel.

Shock claim May said plan ‘can’t be changed because MERKEL has cleared it’.