European Opinion

'If the government makes the historic mistake of prioritizing placating the EU over establishing an independent and whole U.K., then regrettably we must vote against the deal'

Will Theresa May abandon Brexit proposal? She might have to — or face defeat.

"Political momentum in democracies everywhere is against the establishment": Ian Bremmer

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the newly christened ‘leader of the free world,’ is preparing to step back from politics — and experts say ‘the coming storm is … quite powerful’.

In facing this existential challenge, a downward spiral in which Europeans seem to be slowly dying out by failing to reproduce, it seems that Europe has also lost all confidence in its hard-won Enlightenment values.

In Western Germany, 42% of children under the age of six now come from a migrant background, according to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, as reported by Die Welt.

Vaclav Klaus says election of Trump was 'shock' that the U.S. political system needed.

Ex-Czech president calls for revolution to save sovereignty of European countries from EU.

Donald Trump's tariffs threaten a full-blown trade war around the world.

Trump trade war to wipe £255BILLION off GDP ‘Warning lights are flashing’.