European News

The reduction of bad loans is progressing slowly in Europe.

EU DEBT BOMBSHELL: Merkel tells German savers ‘you’re LIABLE’ if Eurozone fails.

British scientists have been unable to identify the source country of the poison used against Sergei Skripal. Authorities had been quick to blame Russia for the attack and were confident tests would confirm this.

UK scientists unable to verify source of spy attack nerve agent.

5-Star Movement deputy Danilo Toninelli speaks during a vote for electoral law in Rome, Italy, October 11, 2017. REUTERS/Remo Casilli

Italy parties meet, but obstacles to government deal abound.

Christine Lagarde has called for a 'rainy day' fund.

Europe at risk of financial chaos from ‘populism and protectionism’.

"Discontent and worry are spreading very quickly"

Furious scenes on streets of France as thousands rally against Macron.

The Queen disapproved of Prince Charles' relationship with Camilla.

Camilla the ‘WICKED WOMAN’: Queen’s martini-fuelled rant at Charles after Diana split.

The previous US administration clashed with Brussels over tax when Barack Obama accused it of acting like a “supranational tax authority” .

Trump trade war spirals: EU ready to punish 200 brands as US threatened with tech tax.

Emmanuel Macron's reform plans are set to trigger widespread chaos in France.

Macron support collapse: Pensioners revolt with France set to grind to a halt.

A Kurdish youth group in Germany is vowing to bring destruction to Europe following several attacks on Turkish targets.

Kurdish youth in Germany call for violent protest in Europe.