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Trump: Iranian regime is 'leading sponsor of terror'.

EU risk ‘DESTROYING’ trade with the US as sanctions on Iran edge closer

Germany will be forced to pay more to the EU after Brexit.

Fury as Germany must pay billions more to the EU after Brexit

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, with British Prime Minister Theresa May at a meeting in Austria on Sept. 20.

It’s Brexit crunch time for Britain. Can Theresa May survive it?

The EU's 'backstop' solution — to keep Northern Ireland in a customs union with the bloc — has been rejected by Britain because it would require checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K.

Brexit divorce talks remain undecided on border issues three days before Brussel summit.

Ex-EU commissioner Pascal Lamy, a trustee of Friends of Europe, added: “Without change and reform, the EU will remain irrelevant to a majority of its citizens."

EU CRISIS: Shock poll sees half of Europeans brand EU IRRELEVANT ‘we’ll see more Brexits’

Former MP Michael Portillo said Theresa May faced losing support over her backstop plan.

Portillo fears Theresa May Brexit plot could lead to Conservative massacre

Protests against Macron have hit France.

Chaos on the streets: Protests erupt in France in furious backlash against Macron.

Bedfordshire MP and Brexiteer Nadine Dorries slammed May’s “dirty deal”.

Brexiteer MPs Threaten to Vote Down Budget to Block Theresa May’s ‘Non-Brexit’

By the middle of 2018, only a quarter of those who arrived during the migrant crisis had found a job and only a fifth were paying into the social welfare system, according to the Institute for Employment Research.

“We are creating the framework for more controlled immigration of qualified specialists.” — Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Senior figures in the party say it is the ‘only credible way’ she could stay in post if her Chequers plans fail.

Tory Eurosceptics give Theresa May ‘Canada or quit’ ultimatum if her Brexit plans fail.

Trump claimed after he threatened the tariffs, Mr Juncker arrived in the US the next morning.

Trump launches searing attack on EU as he mocks Juncker at Mississippi campaign rally.

After “two years of dither and delay”, Johnson outlines what he believes the UK should do.

‘Chuck Chequers’ says Boris Johnson. But what’s in his Brexit plan?