European News

Italy's deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio branded CETA 'wicked'.

Landmark Canada trade deal at risk as Italy rejects CETA

Theresa May has warned that Britain must be prepared to leave the EU WITHOUT a formal deal.

Prepare for a NO DEAL Brexit: May orders ministers to step up plans for EU talks collapse.

Mr Davis' resignation is a huge blow to Mrs May, pictured at Downing Street today.

Boris Johnson QUITS in devastating blow for May as she faces furious Tory MPs in the Commons over her ‘stinker’ Brexit trade plan.

Annual migrant arrivals have dropped sharply after peaking in 2015.

80% of Germans say they are unhappy with Merkel’s government as border deal is finally agreed that ditches ‘migrant transit centres’.

A new election would have to take place within 60 days if President Steinmeier decides to dissolve parliament

Merkel faces fresh ELECTIONS: Second vote in just nine months as Germany falls APART.

In the UK there has been an increase in crimes involving birds of prey.

The strange reason owl theft may be on the rise.

Ms Merkel has been granted a two-week grace before Mr Seehofer seeks to implement his tough new asylum laws.

Trump says Germany is turning on Merkel over migration ‘Big mistake made all over Europe!’

President Trump is not a happy camper.

Trump condemns ‘BRUTAL’ EU as he promises TOUGH new trade policy.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected a Eurosceptic finance minister.

Political chaos in Italy a potential boon for euroskeptic parties.