European History

In 43 B.C., Mark Antony murdered Cicero, famous for his unparalleled powers of speech, and ushered in the beginnings of the Roman Empire.

The brutal beheading of Cicero, last defender of the Roman Republic

The findings were all discovered in the remains of the Penedo dos Lobos Roman camp, the first of its kind to be investigated in Galicia.

Remains of weapons, sandals and coins shed new light on Roman conquest of Northwest Iberia

“You walk around the cemetery, everybody’s dead the same day,” said author Steg, who plans to lay a wreath to the fallen French infantrymen on August 22 this year.

A slaughter, then oblivion, mark France’s deadliest day in World War One.


How an 11th century fortress thrown up by William the Conqueror became the seat of British royal power.