EU Debacle

Europe’s far-right plays for keeps but faces hurdles.

Austria: New Government to Resist “Islamization”.

Austria’s Far-right FPO returns to power – and it HATES Brussels bloc.

EU leaders agree to move to next phase of negotiations.

How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew’s Projections Fall Short.

Brexit cannot be stopped by MPs even if the UK gets NO DEAL with EU.

Germany’s Batty Plan to Deter Migrants.

84 Per Cent Convicted ‘Asian’, White Girls Seen As ‘Fair Game’.

UK could pay ‘monstrous’ £100bn bill to break ties with Brussels, ex-Brexit Minister warns.

Poland DEFIES EU: Warsaw provokes Brussels fury with major judicial overhaul.

Theresa May’s Brexit victory: Juncker ‘will BACK DOWN’ on ECJ ‘removing EU tentacles’.

Islamism in the Heart of the State.

Days of Chancellor AND popular German politics are NUMBERED, analysts warn.

Europe’s Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come.

German Government Demands ‘Backdoor’ Access to Phones, Computer, Cars.

She’s Blown It! POTUS Cancels UK Visit After PM May Grovels to EU, Whines Over Trump Tweets.

MERKEL’S DISASTER: Chancellor coalition hopes now hit by COUP in Germany.

European Union Remains ‘Committed’ To Opening Borders to 75 Million Turkish Citizens as ‘Soon as Possible’,