Consumer Safety

Volvo cars will be able to detect if drivers are intoxicated and slow down from next year when the technology will be introduced. It will be added to larger models such as the XC90 before smaller models.

New Volvo will detect if its driver has drunk alcohol and slow down if they show signs of being over the limit

Scientists have warned the genetic damage caused by the Crispr/Cas9 technology - known as Crispr - have been 'seriously underestimated before now'.

Safety fears over revolutionary gene-editing tool: Crispr causes unwanted mutations in DNA that may prove dangerous and have been ‘seriously underestimated’, warn researchers.

Car engines should shut themselves off after a proscribed length of time if the engine isn’t shut down by a person.

Push-button ignitions creating deadly consequences — and it’s time to take action.

Motorcycles are more dangerous than ever: Ontario study.

MPI issues warning to watch for flood damaged vehicles.

Canadian victims facing ‘catastrophic’ bill in wake of Vegas attack.

Voice-controlled car ‘infotainment’ systems are so dangerous to motorists they should be BANNED, experts warn.

Tinder’s Problems Go Far Beyond Recording Your Deepest Secrets.

Completing Canada’s emergency warning system.

EXCLUSIVE: Grenfell Tower was riddled with ASBESTOS which blew over neighbouring homes.

How the Asbestos Hysteria Led to the Grenfell Tragedy

Last night countless of our capital’s poorest burned to death in a man-made Roman Candle.

Danger tumble dryers furore: Huge demand for refunds as millions of families ask why they weren’t told sooner NOT to use fire-risk machines .