Computer Science

One digital firm showed just how easy it is to hack into a voting machine by releasing a video showing how it is done.

11-Year-Old Hacks into Mock Florida Election Results Website in Under 10 Minutes.

A physical neural network.

A neural network that operates at the speed of light.

Boston firm Catalog says it will be able to cheaply store a terabyte of data – the equivalent of 40 Blu-rays – in a DNA pellet.

The end of the hard drive? Groundbreaking service to store vast amounts of data on DNA pellets revealed.

Users have reported receiving texts with a mysterious black dot that causes their Messages app to crash. It's not actually the black dot that's suspect, but a string of invisible Unicode text.

Beware the black dot: Mysterious Unicode bug found to crash iOS Messages app on iPhones or iPads.

Uber's self-driving technology software detected a woman as she was crossing the street with her bicycle in Arizona in March but failed to react immediately.

Self-driving Uber vehicle DID detect woman moments before fatally running her over in Arizona – but didn’t stop because ‘it didn’t recognize her as a human’.

Google proponents claim that these newly released “security features” bear no risk of infringing on user privacy.

Google Chrome browser scans all the files on your computer, including private photos, documents and spreadsheets.

The update will be first be available as an early access program for G Suite customers and people with personal accounts.

Google will soon let you send emails that SELF-DESTRUCT: Redesigned Gmail will introduce new safety tools, from ‘confidential mode’ to expiring messages, report claims.

“The American public needs to understand how advanced the cyberthreat has become”: McDew

The commander of the Transportation Command, the military command that plays the key role in projecting U.S. power around the world, is facing growing threats of cyberattack.

Each time you connect to an app you give it permission to record your details.

Facebook finally lets you remove third-party ‘vampire apps’ in BULK to prevent them from using your data: Here’s how to clean up your settings.