Computer Science

PhasorSec serves as a validation filter that inspects data packets in the network for incorrectly formed inputs.

PhasorSec tool protects power grids from cyberattack.

The rise of keyless car starting has helped to trigger an increase in car crime.

Seven ways hackers can steal your keyless car in seconds – and owners of high-risk vehicles could see insurance costs spiral.

A Netscape for today’s internet.

Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web.

A Marketplace investigation found footage from hundreds of private, unsecured security cameras in Canadian homes and businesses are being live streamed online.

‘A window into your life’: Why smart home devices might be putting your privacy at risk.

The researchers are now planning to broaden their research and explore new ways of improving DroidBugs.

A new benchmark to evaluate automated repair methods for Android apps

Petrov's bold decision to trust his gut won him international acclaim once the story became public in 1998.

The Computer That Almost Started A Nuclear War, And The Man Who Stopped It

The algorithms currently operating in the social and political spheres have us chiefly believing and promoting all that is not the case.

Silicon Valley’s Futile Search for Utopia Via the ‘Perfect Algorithm’

A scam artist hacks into a person's account and sends messages to individuals on their friend list posing as them and tries to coerce the recipient to open a suspicious link.

Cyber criminals are using Facebook Messenger to trick people into opening malicious links that harvest their personal data, FBI officials warn.

One digital firm showed just how easy it is to hack into a voting machine by releasing a video showing how it is done.

11-Year-Old Hacks into Mock Florida Election Results Website in Under 10 Minutes.

A physical neural network.

A neural network that operates at the speed of light.

Boston firm Catalog says it will be able to cheaply store a terabyte of data – the equivalent of 40 Blu-rays – in a DNA pellet.

The end of the hard drive? Groundbreaking service to store vast amounts of data on DNA pellets revealed.