Canadian Politics

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier speaks in Saint John, N.B., on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

Nobody wants to talk about him, the media are trying desperately to ignore him but how do you ignore movements which appear out of nowhere and spawned Brexit, Trump and then Ford, not to mention similar movements in many other nations?

A core role of government is dispute avoidance and resolution. Yet, politicians are ducking accountability for their failures and pitting Canadians against each other.

Canadians are united. It’s the politicians that are the problem

Police no longer need a reasonable suspicion of impaired driving in order to conduct a breath test of anybody with care and control of a vehicle.

How the rules for breath tests in Canada have changed (Jack: The law will fail on constitutional grounds).

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson argues that Bernier giving her a platform to express controversial views makes him more 'democratic' than other leaders.

Bernier’s first official candidate, known for sex-ed activism, says People’s Party speaking to ‘silent majority’

"They lay one egg (each year). They put their excrement in one place. They hide their excrement.… They flap their wings very hard and they work like hell. "This seems to me a symbol for what our party should be."

Scott Brison exits politics, but Mark Norman trial sure to keep him in the spotlight

Harper’s pop-in seemed to have much less drama than a certain visit by the current Prime Minister.

Former PM Stephen Harper (who was dressed in a dark suit) has friendly meeting with the Indian prime minister

The carbon tax as the final frontier? Nope. Just the current one. After that, brace yourself for the next attack.

The carbon tax isn’t the end goal – what comes next will be even wilder, like a meat tax.