Canadian Politics

This consultation with the public is for show, a vanity exercise on a national scale. It’s worse than pointless.

The Liberals’ ‘consultation’ with Canadians about banning handguns is pointless pretending.

Trudeau Liberals are barking up the wrong tree.

Tories slam ‘back door gun registry,’ e-petition collects tens of thousands of signatures.

“I’m running on four principles: individual freedom; personal responsibility; fairness; and also respect”: Bernier

People’s Party under Bernier to champion more privatized healthcare, unity over diversity.

Canada is about to usher in the era of legal marijuana with laws and rules that contradict other ones elsewhere in the country—or even just across a bridge. Did it have to be like this?

With its patchwork of half-baked, absurd laws, Canada isn’t ready for legal weed

Trudeau’s government deserves scrutiny and criticism for its botched policies.

The B.C. murder and Trudeau’s rushed refugee vetting.

What happened to Kinder Morgan – and has happened to other companies since Haida Nation – will eventually kill all private interest in major infrastructure and mining projects.

The Villain in the Trans Mountain Fiasco – and Other Fiascos since 2004 – is the Supreme Court of Canada