Australian Opinion

On the Left, as Brett Kavanaugh's attackers demonstrate, a slur becomes gospel if it furthers a political aim, in this instance keeping a conservative from the US Supreme Court's former 'swing' seat. Assertion is enough, coherent evidence be damned -- and if the rule of law suffers, so be it.

Contradictory evidence can always be twisted by advocates and true believers to present black as white.

It is indeed an upside down world, where anything goes, where groupthink reigns, where tradition and morality (conventionally conceived) are in universal retreat, and where institutions, even those created by God, behave very, very badly.

Western societies no longer exhibit true virtue, having traded the genuine article for the posturing which draws applause on Twitter.

I suspect many others share my grave concern for the Australia our grandchildren will inherit. Will they even know what has been lost, having been 'educated' to accept not the supremacy of history, logic, fact and rational argument but the doctrines favoured by their 'educators'?

If our past is deplorable, as we are so often told, on what do we build a future?