The explosion was so bright it initially appeared to originate from our own galaxy.

Mystery of the massive explosion 200 million light years away: Strange flash 100 times brighter than a supernova that is growing at an incredible rate baffles scientists.

The object is so bright scientists can see the shadows of objects in front of the supermassive black hole.

It is the brightest quasar that can be seen in visual or ultraviolet light.

‘The disc of our galaxy is huge, around 200 thousand light-years in diameter,’ says lead author Martín López-Corredoira, a researcher at the IAC.

The Milky Way is more massive than we thought: New research claims it would take 200,000 light years to cross its gigantic disc.

Gamers around the world helped physicists crowdsource a reality check.

Biggest Test Yet Shows Einstein Was Wrong About ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’.

Pictured is an artist's impression of Proxima b, a rocky planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, a dim red dwarf star that is about 4.25 light years away from the sun.

Are we too late? Nearby Earth-like exoplanet Proxima b slammed by SUPER FLARE that may have wiped out any possibility of alien life.

The mystery of dark matter has deepened as scientists reveal the elusive substance does not interact with galaxies. Pictured is an artist's impression of four central galaxies at the heart of cluster Abell 3827 which was thought to interact with dark matter after research in 2015.

Mystery of dark matter deepens: Scientists claim the elusive substance does NOT interact with galaxies after all.

Experts say that our cosmos may ended as abruptly as it began in a collision with a bubble of negative energy, created by a Higgs boson - the so-called 'God particle.

Our universe could be DESTROYED abruptly in a collision with a bubble of negative energy, warn scientists – and the process may have already started.

Due to its gentle descent, Tiangong-1 is now experiencing significant drag as it brushes against the planet's denser outer atmosphere and it is dropping out of orbit by about 2.5 miles a day.

Out-of-control Chinese space station’s fiery crash to Earth is due in around 70 HOURS (but scientists still don’t know where it will land).

Around 70,000 years ago our ancient ancestors may have witnessed an incredible sight in the night sky, new research suggests. It is likely that they saw this display, millennia ago, as a faint reddish light glowing overhead in the area around the Big Dipper - also known as The Plough.

Alien star grazed our solar system 70,000 years ago sending comets hurtling towards the sun – and our ancestors may have seen it in the night sky.