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Jack: My money's on Colombia -- because of their ball passing. Amazing.

With champion Germany out, who’s the World Cup ‘favorite’ now?

China has unveiled their latest 70,000-tonne CV-17 aircraft carrier, which cost the nation £6.1bn.

China unveils MAJOR new aircraft carrier amid fears of rising tensions in South China Sea.

A £28 billion ($40 billion) project hailed as the world's first smart city has faded into a 'Chernobyl-like ghost town'. The 'high-tech utopia' of Songdo (pictured) on South Korea's northeast coast was built from scratch and designed around technology.

£28 billion high-tech smart city in South Korea has turned into a ‘Chernobyl-like ghost town’ as investment dries up.

North Korea's Hwasong-14 being launched in July this year. It has been alleged the regime has was able to develop its missile programme with Russian help.

North Korea’s rapid advance in missile technology is down to the help of RUSSIA: New documents show how Pyongyang bought Soviet designs from Russian scientists in the 1990s.

Local media has put the price of conversion at £372million ($500million) a figure which would rocket to £3billion ($4billion) if a similar ship, the Kaga, was added.

Japan to convert warship into fighter jet aircraft carrier amid China tensions.