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The problem with camouflaging bad loans by mixing them in with good ones is that no one will want to buy any of them — thus creating the illiquidity you're trying to avoid.

Implosion of China’s P2P Lending Boom Hits Consumer Spending

A notebook belonging to a South Korean woman, who wished to be identified only as 'D' for fear over her personal safety, is seen during an interview in Seoul on May 31. | AFP-JIJI

In rape, sexual assault cases, South Korean women seek justice even after telling the truth.

The damage caused by fall armyworm threatens smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.

CABI warns of rapid spread of crop-devastating fall armyworm across Asia.

It’s difficult to find complete data on either U.S. or Chinese drone sales, but figures that are available show China poised to tap into markets that the U.S. has avoided.

China dominates armed-drone market by selling to customers in terrorist hotbeds.

Jack: My money's on Colombia -- because of their ball passing. Amazing.

With champion Germany out, who’s the World Cup ‘favorite’ now?

China has unveiled their latest 70,000-tonne CV-17 aircraft carrier, which cost the nation £6.1bn.

China unveils MAJOR new aircraft carrier amid fears of rising tensions in South China Sea.