Canada’s Virtuous Clown

Trudeau preaches tolerance, but denies it to those whose opinions he finds offensive.
Trudeau preaches tolerance, but denies it to those whose opinions he finds offensive.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent much of his first term of office painting himself into ideologically correct corners.

Trudeau’s controversial “Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada” tweet, for example, was intended to contrast the Liberal leader’s compassionate view on refugees versus U.S. President Donald Trump’s heartless crackdown on illegal immigration.

Instead, Trudeau’s tweet sparked a growing border crisis that’s costing municipalities tens of millions of dollars. Quebec has now stopped taking refugees and Toronto, for example, is being forced to use community centres for emergency refugee housing.

Trudeau also signalled his virtue by insisting gender equity protection was a prerequisite for any new NAFTA deal with the U.S. That’s not happening and instead Trump is calling Canada “spoiled” and “very difficult to deal with” and promising American auto workers will be “extremely happy” with concessions he wrings from this country.

Then there were Trudeau’s excruciatingly embarrassing hijinks in India, where he dressed up like an Indian bridegroom and had to explain why a convicted Canadian Sikh terrorist was invited to his state-sponsored dinner.


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