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The Arab folktale “The Arab and the Camel” is a perfect metaphor for what Muslim migrants are doing in the UK and Europe — and in fact, wherever immigrants from Muslim countries are invited and accepted. They are, largely, not content to integrate into their new societies.

Rather, they want their welcoming politicians and policy makers to change everything to suit them. A perfect example of that phenomenon is the no-go zones in Europe where everyone dresses in Arab garb and Sharia law and practice are the norm.

Which brings up a series of tweets I read this week. Apparently, a reporter was interviewing an Imam who lived in the Catalonia region of Spain about the horrendous Barcelona terrorist event. During that discussion, the Imam mentioned that Muslims were having more children than non-Muslims and that eventually, all of Europe would be theirs. As this Pew Research page shows, that may or may not become reality.

Anyway, regarding the folktale. The moral of the story is simple — take over a little bit at a time and the master will not notice until it is too late.

  • In the story, the master snuggles down in the tent for the night leaving his camel to sleep outside.  The camel sticks his nose in the tent and asks the master for permission to keep his nose in the tent so that he can stay warm. Of course, the master says yes. And, so it goes, one body part after another until the camel is fully in the tent and the master is outside.

Ring true? You bet. I mean, think about it. This year Ottawa passed Motion 103 regarding Islamophobia — that restricts anyone saying anything about Islam or Muslims. Maybe, even this post will be considered Islamophobic. Yet, we don’t have any motions regarding Jewishophobia. And, that is in spite of plenty of proof that some Imams regularly call for the destruction of Jews, as well as the subjugation of non-Muslims.

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Thanks for posting this Jack. Interesting how I only got one comment at CotM and none here. I assume that means people see my point.

I am finding that Twitter has pretty well taken over people’s interest. Blogging like I do has probably jumped the shark long ago.