Cool your jets, folks.

That’s not to deny the burning questions about how an allegedly plastered pilot made it to the cockpit without being challenged — but the point is, that’s as far as the captain of Sunwing Airlines flight WG595 out of Calgary International Airport got.

And that’s because the system works, says Capt. George Hawey, a recently-retired commercial pilot who spent 50 thrilling years at the yoke, plus countless tedious hours in security lines and pre-flight briefings at airports around the world.

Hawey, who capped his career with a two-decade stint at Calgary-based WestJet, says passengers can calm down over the drunk-pilot story that has the travel world in a tizzy.

“I would tell them to have faith in the system, because it does work,” said Hawey, who still lives in the Calgary area.

“It worked all the times that I’ve seen it, and that’s because of the crew members — their lives are at stake too.”


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