The Democratic Party is looking for a reboot after the 2016 elections. So far, they’ve fostered noisy protest marches, social media attacks and ceaseless pushback against the White House and President Trump’s agenda. Congressional leaders have gone beyond feisty to shrill, voters themselves appear to be either in mourning or downright angry.

This weekend, the party hosts its big winter meeting in Atlanta with a heavy to-do list and much interest. The big doings drew so many attendees that organizers moved the event from a local hotel to a major trade center.

Dominating the agenda is the election of a Democratic National Committee chairman Saturday; seven hopefuls are in the running. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota is considered the front-runner since he has the endorsements of Sens. Charles E. Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren, among others.

At a candidates debate this week hosted by CNN, Mr. Ellison had this to say: “I think that Donald Trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment.” In follow-up coverage, several news organizations declared that the lawmaker had uttered “the I word.”

Naturally, Republicans are taking a keen interest in the outcome of the chairmanship election. Will it send the Democratic Party into progressive territory — or to some comfy spot in the center? Will the new chair unite the energetic far left with entrenched establishment Democrats?

The GOP does not appear particularly worried.

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