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Trump puts America first; Trudeau puts Canada last


There is no dispute Canadian people as a whole are politically further to the left than Americans. There are of course conservatives who would not only like to see Justin Trudeau gone but replaced by a Trump-like successor. There is very little chance the latter will happen, at least in the foreseeable future.

After Obama left the White House, Trudeau became one of, if not the most prominent, Western globalist. Trudeau has sent billions of dollars to foreign countries to help with their infrastructure or to help them fight “climate change.” He has also sent a lot of Canadian dollars to the UN and UN agencies. His recent “selfie tour” across Canada showed he has little interest in helping the middle class, the people he’s always talking about helping. The rest of the world’s population, especially those living in third-world countries are more important than Canadians are.

During the 2015 election campaign, Trudeau and the Liberals ran on a platform of running $10 billion yearly deficits for two or three years before balancing the books by 2019-20. How that has changed.

A report by the government’s own Finance Department predicts the budget will not be balanced until 2050-51. 2050-51! A baby born in Canada this year will not see a balanced budget until they are in their mid-30s. And the accumulated debt by mid-century is estimated to exceed $1.5 trillion. Congratulations, Justin! Canada has finally arrived at discussing government debt in trillions rather than billions.
The whopping increase in spending and ballooning deficits that will run for another 34 years do not faze the immature prime minister. He just keeps spending and spending and spending.

And Trudeau just loves the United Nations. After all the world body spends most of its time bashing Israel so what’s not to love? Since coming to office, Trudeau has had one goal in mind and no it’s not helping the middle class or other Canadians. The prime minister wants Canada to have a seat on the UN’s Security Council and is willing to pay any price to get it. And of course the price will be paid by ordinary Canadians.

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