“Instead of the liberal media pitching a hissy fit about how they are being treated by President Trump (treatment they richly deserve), they could be reporting on the amazing fact that the national debt has gone down by $12 billion in the first month of the Trump Administration.”


That’s the collective sound of liberals’ heads exploding during and after the president’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Their heads were exploding because he started right out with an example of the media’s fake news. When he said “fake media is the enemy of the people,” most of the liberal media’s headlines claimed Trump said “the media are the enemy of the people.” When they report fake news, they are the enemy of the people.

The push by the administration to enforce the immigration laws on the books, in order to minimize the number of illegal criminals in this country, is being reported by the liberal media as “anti-immigrant” and “anti-Muslim”. That’s a totally false representation for the purpose of promoting their preferred narratives.

The liberal media are fixated on any little mole hill out of which they can make a mountain against the Trump Administration.

The liberals’ heads were exploding as he listed what his priorities are, especially because they are the same as what he promised while campaigning. To make matters worse for liberals, he’s already made progress, or already delivered, on some of those promises.

Jobs are coming back to this country because of the president’s positive tone from the top. More businesses are now planning to build or expand in the U.S.

The stock market is already responding to this positive tone, as well as the anticipated tax code changes by this administration and Congress.

The president is determined to repeal and replace the Unaffordable Care Act. He and Congress are on the same page, despite the Democrats fighting it every step of the way, and the liberal media saying it won’t happen.

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It would be nice if all the heads of the the fake news/extremely biased news media would permanently explode. It is beautiful watching their Marxist world take some good hits. Keep up the good work President Trump.