Book: Pole Shift

Hapgood: The Path of the Pole

Hapgood’s tour de force is back in print! This riveting account of howEarth’s poles have flipped positions many times is the culmination ofHapgood’s extensive research of Antarctica, ancient maps and the geologicalrecord. This amazing book discusses the various pole shifts in Earth’shistory-occurring when Earth’s crust slips in the inner core-and givesevidence for each one. It also predicts future pole shifts: a planetaryalignment will cause the next one on May 5, 2000!Packed with illustrations, this book is the reference other books on thesubject cite over and over again. With millennium madness in full swing,this is just the book to generate even more excitement at the unknownpossibilities.



The Pole Shift That Sank Atlantis

This book tells a different story than that of Mankind’s recorded history. It challenges existing theories on such things as the Ice Ages, the related extinction of many animal species and drastic changes in climate conditions. A major impact event took place only 12,400 years ago, multiple large meteors impacted the Earth with such unimaginal force as to cause a change to Earth’s Axis. These findings have been corroborated by one of history’s most important monuments, The Great Pyramid of Giza. You will find compelling evidence that highly advanced civilizations existed before this event, civilizations that until now have always been considered a myth. Don’t feed from the information trough; choose your own meal. The “Ice Ages” are the real myth.

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Charles Hapgood’s book is an excellent read on a possible reason why all those wooly mammouths ended up frozen overnight (they are still edible after thousands of years). The following book also explains why Atlantis suddenly disappeared. Both are riveting reads and while Hapgood’s theory may not be the final answer to many ancient mysteries it certainly caught my attention and is a leadin to a series of books coming tomorrow written by Zecharia Sitchin based on the writings of the ancient Sumerians. If you have the interest and the time pick up both books and read them cover to… Read more »