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BRITISH Brexit negotiators can walk away from the EU and refuse to pay any more taxpayers’ money simply dismissing excessive pay-off demands from senior Eurocrats.

A top legal expert has told that under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Britain has the legal right to leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement should they not agree to exit terms.

And Prime Minister Theresa May can easily thwart any attempts by EU leaders, including Polish politician Donald Tusk and Luxembourg’s former Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker, to hold the British tax payer to ransom by simply saying “No!”.

Hedge fund founder and lawyer Christopher O’Donnell says subsection 3 of Article 50 clearly provides for two exit scenarios.

The first scenario is where Britain and the EU agree a withdrawal agreement.

The second scenario is where Britain and the EU cannot agree a withdrawal agreement, and in this second scenario, Britain simply leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement two years after it issues a leave notice under Article(50)(1).


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