Biased Judge: ‘Shut Up Shutin’ Up’

Border control advocate Faith Goldy is seeking the position of Toronto mayor.
Border control advocate and Trump supporter Faith Goldy is seeking the position of Toronto mayor.

Far-right Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy cannot force Bell Media to sell her ads on its CP24 television news station, an Ontario Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.

The main problem is that Goldy, represented by prominent civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby, brought her complaint to the wrong court.

The CRTC, which regulates broadcasting in Canada, has an expert tribunal for considering complaints in light of various policies set by Parliament. Goldy knew this, but failed to file a complaint with the CRTC, arguing instead that the Ontario Superior Court should hear the case because of its urgency.

This did not fly with Judge Peter Cavanagh (Trudeau appointed judge), who heard the emergency motion on Monday and released his 22-page ruling Tuesday morning. He found that the CRTC has “exclusive jurisdiction to grant the relief sought,” and declined to exercise his discretion to intervene.

“The entire application should be heard by the CRTC,” he wrote.

Although the CRTC has resolved cases in as little as a week, it now seems unlikely Goldy’s case can be sorted out before Toronto’s Oct 22 election, in which she is one of 35 candidates for mayor.

Goldy is a former journalist who has built an online following by promoting conspiracy theories about Muslims and other non-European Canadians, and pushing a theory that immigration is causing “white genocide.” She has endorsed a white supremacist slogan, and appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast, leading to her firing from The Rebel Media.

Last month she agreed a contract with Bell and paid for the broadcast of ads promoting her campaign, but Bell refunded her money before they ran. Bell offered no reasons, although in its defence to her lawsuit it made reference to rules against hate speech, offensive materials, and false or misleading messages. It also said it received over 80 written complaints and 15 voicemails, leading it to think it would suffer commercial harm if it ran the ads.

“I do not question that the application raises important issues for Ms. Goldy’s electoral campaign as a candidate for Mayor of Canada’s largest city, and for candidates, broadcasters and others in future elections, involving the ability of candidates to meaningfully participate in the electoral process and the ability of all voters to be reasonably informed of all possible choices before them,” Judge Cavanagh wrote. “The importance of the issues does not, however, determine the jurisdictional issue that is before me.”

“I also consider that Ms. Goldy is polling at approximately 6% according to the submissions of her counsel and that the outcome of this application will not have any realistic impact on the outcome of the election,” he wrote.

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Jack’s Note: I support this woman for exactly the same reason I supported Doug Ford and it’s worth recalling that he took on a biased judge also…and won. I feel she’s a breath of fresh air in the Toronto Mayoral race and definitely would turn Toronto council on it’s ear were she to be elected. There’s more. Every time these politically correct blowhards try to control her by calling her falsely a nazi, a Trump lover, a shit disturber or whatever else crosses their tiny ‘progressive’ minds they only prove that the left in this country has far to much power over our lives and won’t give it up willingly.  I feel it’s time for ordinary voters to do something about that.

My view: Elect Faith Goldy and screw John Tory and that other lefty nitwit running for mayor right into the ground.  Toronto would be doing itself a huge favor.  Ford beer and Goldy popcorn comes to mind.  It would be fun times ahead.

Finally I’m sick and tired of hearing John Tory this and John Tory that.  All the polls screaming he is Toronto’s destiny for the next four years (they make him sound like Hillary Clinton…a sure thing) and what…exactly…has he accomplished for the city in his past incumbency?  What will he accomplish in the future?  I’ll tell you…NOTHING.  He’s all talk and no action.

Old Saying: ‘Polls are for dogs!’

And Toronto needs action. 

The more I think about Faith the more certain I am she is the best pick of the lot and to hell with the polls and the bafflegab from local lefties.  Like Ford she has ‘winner’ written all over her.  A woman falsely accused and blessed with a spirit which will not be denied.  A surefire remedy for Toronto’s ills.

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