Before The Beginning

How did the universe begin? It seems we are about to find out.
How did the universe begin? It seems we are about to find out.

SCIENTISTS could now probe BEYOND the beginning of time itself and finally discover what happened at the very moment of creation.

Previously it was believed that the beginning of the universe was a ‘singularity’ – a moment beyond physics, beyond examination and simply beyond human understanding.

But an international team of researchers have re-written the physics books allowing cosmologists to see and investigate the very moment of creation – and perhaps even further.

The implications are profound.

The physics to precisely explain the moment of creation would effectively render God and world religions redundant in a way which would make the Copernican revolution (proving the Earth was not the centre of the universe) seem a relatively minor moment in scientific history.

According to current thinking of scientific giants like Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Edwin Hubble and Alan Guth, post-Einstein physicists dictates that it is impossible to see or investigate the moment of origin of the universe because physics simply breaks down.

The same collapse in understanding applies to black holes where the observer eventually hits a ‘singularity’ – the point at which all attempts to comprehend the maths and physics are doomed.

But now an international team of scientists and mathematicians have turned that notion on its head in a new paper which dispels the notion of the impossible-to-comprehend ‘singularity’.


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