Beast Within

PEOPLE across the European Union have started arming themselves over fears and insecurities about the future.

The number of Belgians, in the province of Liege alone, applying for a firearms licence has skyrocketed with applications leaping a massive 117 per cent from 608 permits in 2010 to 1,318 in 2015.

Last year 1,436 applications were made, according to the Divisional Commissioner of Liege Thierry Brasseur.

Fears over the widespread terror attacks and rising crime appear to be behind the rise, according to Liege’s Service of Arms, the body that grants the firearms licences.

The department said at a recent symposium: “The explanation may lie in the current security context, which generates feelings of insecurity among the population.”

Increased crime rates are also believed to have had an impact, with Belgian newspaper Le Soir reporting there were 180 burglaries and home invasions a day in 2015.

France has also seen a steep rise in the number of gun club licensees issued.

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