Bashing Elites

If the elites of the world thought 2016 was rough on them, they ain’t seen nothing yet. The year to come is going to hit the establishment even harder.

It’s been incredibly tedious reading all the year-in-review pieces calling 2016 the worst year ever, bidding it an eager farewell and hoping nothing like it will ever happen again.

This hand-wringing is almost entirely in reference to the electoral victory of Donald Trump. There’s never been a more concerted effort by establishment-minded individuals than their attempts to deny Trump the presidency. Yet they failed. And few events have outraged them more than the feat of strength that was Trump pulling it off against the odds.

The best part of Trump’s win, as I wrote the night of the election, was seeing how he wiped the smirk off all their faces. But there are still many smirks out there that stand to be wiped clean. The smug elites out there should brace themselves for what’s to come.


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Quote: “The year to come is going to hit the establishment even harder.”

Can I play, too?