Bad Days Ahead For Dems

The truth is coming out, in dribs and drabs that will soon be a tsunami.
The truth is coming out, in dribs and drabs that will soon be a tsunami.

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” —Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

At the hearing of the Oversight Committee on Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr was grilled about the Mueller report: when will it be released?  Will they see an unredacted version?  Has he (Barr) discussed it with the president?  Etc.  The questions were redundant, mostly stupid.  All of those asked by the Democrats were accusatory.  Since Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced there would be no charges of collusion against the president or anyone in or of his campaign, the Democrats have lost any semblance of sanity they may have had before Trump won the 2016 election.  Since that day, the moment they were 100% certain that Hillary would become president, they have descended into a hell of their own making.  They spend their days furiously angry, ready and willing to do anything to take Trump down and out. Since then (and before that day) they — “they” includes the mainstream media — have been determined to destroy the man.  If the country must be damaged in the process, so be it.  Our Democrats are willing to foment an invasion by third-world migrants (think Camp of the Saints) to prevent Trump from achieving his principal campaign promise, to control the border and the crisis of illegal immigration.  That is how much they hate the fact that Trump is our president.  That is how stupefied they have become, so much so that they are now a danger to us all.

When A.G. Barr stated he would be investigating the “spying” on the Trump campaign, the Democrats on the committee were shocked, truly stunned.  How dare he suggest such a thing?  These folks, for over two years, have had their heads deep in ostrich sand.  They are apparently completely unaware, or pretend to be, of the massive amounts of actual proof that the Obama administration illegally attempted to eliminate Trump from the running by trying to plant its own spies in the campaign and surveil under prohibited pretexts.  Part of this plan was to create and amass fake evidence to be used against him.  As almost everyone knows by now, the “Russia Collusion” hoax was just that, a hoax, devised by persons with power in the FBI, the DOJ, the NSA and the Obama administration.  Once Hillary lost the election, her minions, such as the disreputable Rob Mook, were right there to get the claim out that she lost because “the Russians hacked the election.”  Yeah, right.  No way.  Not a chance.  Did she know then that her supporters in the Obama administration, the FBI, and the DOJ had already implemented a stratagem to undo his victory?  Probably.  That would explain her leap to blame her loss on “the Russians.”  Hillary is a callous, nasty piece of work.


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