Europe to CRUMBLE: Continent will face CIVIL WAR within DECADES, top historian claims.

Teen overdosed on drug-laced lollipops at Pennsylvania school.

Scam artist who posed as fictitious soldier faces extradition.

Three levels of government settle dispute over cleaning up landfill with radioactive waste, but details a secret.

The country is waiting for a big and timely push to move Canada beyond a ‘middle power’.

EXCLUSIVE: In its last year in office, the Obama Administration showered at least some $9.2 billion on the United Nations and its sprawling array of organizations, according to a document recently posted on the State Department website.

Eurocrats ‘beg states to agree to DEEPER INTEGRATION to save the bloc’.

Will moon mining be BANNED? International space law could prevent billionaires from extracting precious metals from the lunar surface .

Is Tesla working on computers that can be implanted into the BRAIN? Elon Musk says the firm will reveal plans ‘next month’.

You’ll Never See Anything As Adorable As These Little Kids With Big Dogs.

More than 300 foreign terrorists, spies and criminals who pose a risk to Canada’s national security tried to sneak into Canada last year, according to a report quietly released by the federal government on Monday.

Make All Federal Employees Fireable.

Hillary Clinton set to earn a FORTUNE as she returns to speech circuit.

Brussels vows to seize leadership of the free world from Trump-led US.

Mysterious ‘ghost particles’ that morph into different states could shed light on the true nature of dark matter.

Child bride beaten and mutilated by husband in savage act of domestic violence.

Beijing to send extra aircraft carrier to South China Sea over Trump hostility.

Senate panel votes in favor of Sessions for attorney general.