In eighteen months, the Ontario Liberals will attempt their moonshot: re-election, even after all they’ve done. At the moment, it seems nothing will hinder them in that endeavour — apart from all the other stuff — so much as the remarkable surge in Ontarians’ hydro bills in recent years. And so, hydro customers of Ontario, your votes are now up for auction.

Would 25-per-cent-off tickle your fancy? According to a Toronto Star report on Wednesday, that’s what the Liberals are aiming for with a plan to refinance the government’s contracts with electricity producers — essentially paying less every year, but for more years. The 25-per-cent would reportedly include the eight-per-cent “rebate” — which is to say a taxpayer subsidy to ratepayers — announced in September.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault would neither confirm nor deny any specific plans on Wednesday, but a recent analysis by researchers at the Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre at Western University suggested such a plan might save the province $1.7 billion in energy-production costs in 2018, or about eight per cent of the total.


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Sadly, the ruse will likely work … especially in the urban strongholds for the Liberal party, where most inhabitants think that electricity comes from an outlet in the wall, and, if they choose to think further, think it should be generated by magic crystals like it’s shown on TV. We KNOW it’s a shell game … the same locked in contracts are still in place; more crony Green projects are being built even as the Wynne government tries to hide the economic and ecological damage. The opposition will have to do a LOT more to wake the people up to… Read more »