Last year, The New York Times had a front-page, above the fold story, declaring “Premature babies may survive at 22 weeks if treated, study finds.”

The study led many medical groups to consider lowering the age of viability outside of the womb from 24 weeks, which it currently stands, to 22 weeks. A prior study, that involved the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics found that babies born at 23 weeks “should be considered potentially viable” because more than a quarter of such babies survive when treated intensively, The Times reported.

That’s why it was such a shock when Hillary Clinton, pressed in a debate last year with now President Donald Trump, said she stood for abortion at every stage of pregnancy — even in the ninth month.

“I do not think the United States government should be stepping in and making those most personal of decisions,” Mrs. Clinton responded when asked to defend her position that a fetus has no constitutional rights and why she voted against a ban on late-term partial birth abortions.

It’s a view that’s radically out of line with the majority of Americans, but not surprising given that some of Mrs. Clinton’s biggest donors and get-out-the-vote operations stemmed from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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