Are The PC’s In Trouble?

This race is up for grabs.
This race is up for grabs.

Anyone still muttering about how the ghost of Bob Rae will ensure the NDP never wins in Ontario needs to give their heads a shake. A new Ipsos poll has the NDP at 37% across the province and the PCs one point behind at 36%.

Voters are not only long past the Bob Rae days, many voters were not alive or politically active when Rae was in office. Someone born in May, 1995 is now 23 years old. Someone who was 12 in 1995 is now 35.

These voters aren’t worried about Bob Rae they are choosing who will replace Kathleen Wynne.

I’ve been dismissing some of the hype around the NDP as wishful thinking. Sure, they have come up in the polls but some of it was hyped well beyond what the numbers warranted.

Now Ipsos is speaking and I am listening. The NDP is rising up in areas that the PCs need to form government.

PCs are losing support where it counts.

Most concerning for the PCs should be where the NDP has picked up support, it is in the 905 belt around Toronto.

“Conservatives usually tend to be strong in 905 area, and it disappeared in this poll,” Ipsos Pyblic Affairs CEO Dearrell Bricker told Global News.

The latest numbers put the NDP at 36% in the 905 region, the PCs at 35% and the Liberals at 27%.


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Good grief, how dense can a population be! If a population gets a government it deserves,Ontario is about to get its cake and eat it too. Problem is, it only takes 30 somerhing % to sink or save an economy. Hopefully Quebec is about to set aside both the libtards and the pq and maybe take a turn somewhere to the right. Cancer ravages the body as I have sadly been witness to these long past months. The analogy is now coming into crystal clear focus that political correctness is the cancer of the body politic. We are like the… Read more »