Negotiations will soon restart for Ontario’s doctors, who have been without a physician services agreement for three years, with arbitration as the first order of business.

Amid a lengthy and messy dispute, the Ontario Medical Association had said doctors wouldn’t return to the bargaining table unless the government introduced binding arbitration. The province replied it would be willing to discuss that idea, but not as a pre-condition to negotiations.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said in a statement Thursday that the government is committed to that principle and it will be the first thing on the table when talks resume.

“The (health) minister and I have discussed the next steps and, as a show of good faith and to demonstrate our sincere commitment to trying to reach a positive outcome in these renewed negotiations, our government will not make any unilateral adjustments to physician compensation or accountabilities while discussions are taking place,” Wynne wrote.

The Liberal government angered doctors in 2015 by imposing fee cuts for some services, and had previously threatened to act on its own again if it couldn’t reach an agreement with the OMA.


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I wonder just what it will take to energize Canadians enough that they demand results? “The question is, are we going to wait until the public healthcare system is completely overwhelmed before we make meaningful changes? Until it takes 10 hours on average to see an ER doctor? Until people are dying in pain, with no one to care for them?” “Because without major healthcare reform, that will come soon enough.” Too late doc, they’re already here……“Sometimes you just can’t get past the nurses; sometimes if there’s 50 people there and you’re not top priority, you could sit there for… Read more »


Canada’s health care system could be so much better if only Canadians cared enough for it to be so. We are not #30 in the world for quality of care nor are we #11 in the developed world for wait times because of the calibre and dedication of our health care workers. They are not the problem. We are where we are because of government incompetence and socialism. No party gets a pass, all politicians are to blame. They are all content that our health care continues to be run by an already bloated yet ever growing bureaucracy that consumes… Read more »