Anti-Sanctuary Activity

The number of illegal immigrants committing serious crimes in the U.S. is staggering in terms of scope and cost.
The number of illegal immigrants committing serious crimes in the U.S. is staggering in terms of scope and cost.

Dozens of cities and seven states have adopted so-called “sanctuary” policies that shield illegal immigrants from possible deportation. Sometimes there are tragic results. But we are also seeing uprisings by communities that claim to welcome immigrants—just not illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. Today’s cover story begins in Santa Clarita, California about 35 miles outside of LApopulation about 220-thousand.

Sharyl: Santa Clarita, California is known as “Hollywood’s backlot,” where sprawling ranch land provides a backdrop for films and TV shows—like West World. This year, Santa Clarita became known for something else. It’s the first city in Los Angeles County to formally oppose California’s “sanctuary state” law.

Sharyl: I think the best place to start might be with the May eighth meeting.

Bob Kellar: Not only was this room full with literally people standing in the aisles and in the back of the room, they were out in the atrium.

Bob Kellar is on Santa Clarita’s city council.

Bob Kellar: We had somewhere in excess of 300 people. We had six hours solid on this issue alone, of people coming before us and wanting to be heard and on their feelings of this, this matter.

Speaker 1: How does this agenda item create a Santa Clarita that future generations will love?

Speaker 2: You can call me a racist all you want, I don’t care.

Speaker 3: To me, undocumented immigrants are the most American among us

Sharyl: There were passionate voices on both sides…But a clear majority emerged.

Speaker 4: I beg the council to vote to take a hard stand, to join the many other cities who have said enough is enough.

Speaker 5: And that you oppose the sanctuary city law.

Sharyl: They don’t want Santa Clarita to be a sanctuary city.

Bob Kellar: Absolutely not. I know that this community is still largely a conservative area and you know what we’d done pretty darn good with it. The city has flourished in so many ways. But having said that, I don’t travel up in San Francisco or some of the other areas. I dare say there were a lot of people up there that would not share my thoughts on this issue.


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