Another Canadian Legal Scam?

Dan Shapiro, chief adjudicator for residential abuse claims.
Dan Shapiro, chief adjudicator for residential abuse claims.

In the immortal words of Jerry and Kramer on the late, great Seinfeld show, “Cat fight!!”

But this scrap is even less likely than the boys’ own dream of two women slapping one another until they end up, well, near-naked.

This is between an Ontario Superior Court judge who is one of two senior judges who supervise and administer the massive Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the largest class action suit in Canadian history, and the lawyer who is the “Chief Adjudicator” of the independent assessment process, or IAP.

And the chief adjudicator is now, according to Gus Van Harten, an Osgoode Hall law professor with a specialty in administrative law, “engaging in a bare knuckles litigation fight” with the very judges who are his bosses.

“It’s not something you see often in the sleepy world of agencies and tribunals,” a wry Van Harten told the National Post Tuesday.

As of June, the IAP had resolved 37,792 claims of abuse by survivors of Indian residential schools and paid out $3.1 billion, an average payment of $11,435.

The judge is Paul Perell of the Ontario Superior Court. One of the nine judges across the country whose courts approved the residential schools settlement agreement in 2006 and 2007 and who are now in charge of administering the agreement, Perell is also the “Eastern Administrative Judge.”

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