Angry People

Over the weekend a conference with attendees from all walks of life was disrupted by a group of angry young white people.

No, they weren’t neo-Nazis or white supremacists. They were the storm troopers of the new activist left.

The day-long conference held at University of Toronto was hosted by Generation Screwed, the student wing of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. The themes were debt and free speech. Hardly provocative stuff.

Yet in the days leading up to it we were warned – I was a speaker – that security was being brought in due to threats of potentially violent protests.

The big morning speech was by Professor Jordan Peterson, who talked about modernism vs. post-modernism. While it touched upon the political climate of the day, it was academic and far from pitch-fork worthy.

Later, economic conservative voices and occasional Sun columnists Colin Craig, Sean Speer and Ben Eisen spoke about government debt and deficits. It was all numbers, spreadsheets and debt-to-GDP ratio talk.

Then it was time for yours truly to take the podium. My speech touched upon how the political centre has veered far to the left since the 1990s, when the likes of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien embraced a sensible hybrid of right and left values.

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