American Revolution 2.0?

While what’s happening in France has already happened here, in peaceful form, it may not stay peaceful.
While what’s happening in France has already happened here, in peaceful form, it may not stay peaceful.

Yeah, I know conservatives are not supposed to be excited about change and disruption and actually accomplishing things, but you look at what the French people are doing and you have to think, “You tell those elitist jerks what’s what, Pierre!”

Those feisty frogs are sick and tired of being forced to sacrifice their francs (yeah, I know they use euros, but “franc” has a “k” sound so it’s funnier) on the carbon tax altar to Gaia, the false demigod worshipped by the smart set congregation of the creepy weather cult. Impoverish the peasants today to maybe make it a half degree cooler in 200 years? Non, monsieur! These angry French workers need that money for wine today!

Now, the protesting Parisians aren’t conservatives in the American sense – lots of their demands have a lefty vibe. But what they do share with us is how the abuse les deplorables have suffered mirrors the abuse America’s increasingly militant Normals have put up with. The French elite has kept dumping on them for decades, impoverishing them through economic mismanagement, cronyism, and corruption, changing their culture without bothering to ask permission through unlimited Third World immigration, and taxing them to increase elite wealth while stripping them of a say in their own government.

Sound familiar?

Take away the cheese, the berets, and the ridiculous accents, then subtract Donald Trump, and what’s going down in France would be going down here. The difference is that we revolted at the ballot box. The French elected an insider who despises the people, and he carried the elite’s water. They had no choice but to submit or to take to the streets. In contrast, we elected an outsider who despises the elite. After all, Trump knows the elite intimately – they used to suck up to him for cash and he has nothing but contempt for their greed, incompetence and weakness.


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