Alleslev: My Party Left Me

The Liberals have not transitioned from an election campaign to governing mode.
The Liberals have not transitioned from an election campaign to governing mode.

On Monday, Sept. 17 I made a difficult decision to do what is right, not what is easy.

When I marked an ‘x’ beside my name on the ballot in 2015, my constituents entrusted me to represent them. To honour that trust, I must do all that I can to serve the country to the best of my ability. After careful and deliberate consideration, I crossed the floor from the government benches to take my seat among Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

Since Monday I have been asked repeatedly, “What happened over the summer? What was the ONE thing that made you do this?”

The reality is that the vision I once shared with the Liberals has been eroding over time.

Some said my decision appeared sudden. This is simply not true. For me, and for many Canadians who voted Liberal in the last election, the party had distanced themselves from us long before I crossed the floor.

The platform that I ran on in 2015 represented a largely centrist political vision. After three years, this government has not delivered the change that Canadians expected. Instead, we have seen the Prime Minister move increasingly to the left and away from the centre.

My decision was not based on one issue. Rather, it was the gradual realization that the Liberal party was not focused on tackling the nation’s top priorities in a time of unprecedented global instability.

My constituents have voiced their concern to me that the current government appears to be increasingly out of touch with what’s going on in Canada and the world, and not responding appropriately.

As such, my decision to cross the floor is a result of the culmination of numerous policy shifts and government actions which, taken together, convinced me that our country is at risk of being tragically off course.

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