Advice to Zuck

Facebook’s founder should tell busybody politicians to shove it.
Facebook’s founder should tell busybody politicians to shove it.

Facebook’s founder should tell busybody politicians to shove it.

‘Out of control” is how Senator Brian Schatz (D., Hawaii) describes Facebook.

If only that were true. It would be an enormous improvement.

Facebook was everybody’s favorite thing in the world five minutes ago. It isn’t any more. Democrats have decided to blame Facebook for the election of Donald Trump, as though Mark Zuckerberg were the one who advised Herself to take Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for granted. The alternative — that Donald Trump was freely elected president of these United States because a great many Americans preferred him to that dusty sack of vipers the Democrats nominated — is too terrible to contemplate. Must have been some kind of high-tech conspiracy involving Facebook, the Kremlin, and a bunch of knuckleheads who talk like characters from early drafts of Glengarry Glen Ross.

Democrats hate Facebook because of 2016. Republicans hate Facebook on general principles: The GOP is still the party of Big Business, provided those businesses represent industries from the 19th century. Republicans don’t care for the American businesses that make lots of money and employ lots of Democrats, especially West Coast technology companies and East Coast financial firms. They lump Facebook in with YouTube and Twitter, which, they complain, intentionally suppress conservative voices. Which of course they do: YouTube is cool with Jew-hating conspiracy fruitcakes such as Louis Farrakhan, but it has fits about Dennis Prager, a mild-mannered Jewish radio host who thinks narcissism is unhealthy — a man who dedicates an hour of his show each week to the theme of happiness. Facebook, in the Republican view, is emblematic of the incurable hypocrisy of Silicon Valley, whose leaders claim to value intellectual openness and curiosity but who act as heavy-handed commissars when it suits them.


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