‘Adolf Hitler Is Alive’

Joseph Stalin revealed Hitler was alive.
Joseph Stalin revealed Hitler was alive.

ADOLF Hitler escaped his Berlin bunker at the end of World War Two, according to the former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin.

Following the end of the war, the US government seriously investigated the possibility the Nazi leader made it out of Germany alive. Declassified FBI files show agents visited South America, after claims the Furher had made it to Argentina in a submarine. The German vessels, described as “black boats”, were believed to have transported a number of Nazi officials across the North Atlantic.

Following the alleged sightings, the possibility that Hitler did not kill himself caused paranoia among many world leaders, who seriously considered the idea.

According to official reports, Hitler shot himself on April 30, 1945, as the Red Army closed in on his bunker.

However, three months later US president Harry Truman raised his concerns, it was revealed in Amazon Prime’s 2015 “Adolf Hitler: Great Escape” documentary.

The Soviet leader replied with a chilling one word answer: “No.”

Later that year, Soviet officer Marshall Gregory Zhukov, whose troops were the ones to occupy Berlin also backed the idea Hitler escaped.

He said: “We found no corpse that could have been Hitler’s.”


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