A Ray Of Hope

Unbelievably, Rosenstein continued to preside over the very case in which he is a witness.
Unbelievably, Rosenstein continued to preside over the very case in which he is a witness.

Reports Wednesday by Fox News and others that rogue Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to resign in several weeks – soon after William Barr is confirmed by the Senate as our nation’s next attorney general – mean that the Justice Department is headed for badly needed reforms.

Under the failed leadership of fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein, the department has been operating more like the Department of Injustice in its handling of the out-of-control and ever-expanding Russia probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and overseen by Rosenstein. And that’s only one example of Rosenstein’s misconduct.

Rosenstein has been the de facto attorney general almost since the outset of the Trump administration. Throughout his tenure, Rosenstein manipulated and supplanted the feckless Sessions, who served as attorney general in name only.

At the helm, Rosenstein engineered and presided over signal abuses at the Justice Department, transforming the rule of law into the rule of lawlessness.

Rosenstein championed abusive double standards of enforcement and ignored wrongdoing in his own department and the FBI. Under his leadership, justice took a back seat to petty partisanship at the Justice Department.

More egregiously, Rosenstein was an active participant in one of dirtiest tricks perpetrated in modern politics – targeting the president of the United States without legal cause or evidence.


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