A Mexican Conundrum

How will AMLO handle the crisis?
How will AMLO handle the crisis?

Latin America’s anti-Yank forces had hoped to feast on the migration caravans’ damage to America, but it looks like Mexico is ending up paying the price. And Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who will be inaugurated as Mexico’s president Saturday, is the biggest loser of all.

There’s no doubt the vast majority of the 10,000-strong caravan participants are fleeing real “terror,” of some kind, back home: Extreme poverty, crime and poor governance make life in their Central American home countries utterly unbearable.

Yet the caravans were organized by cynical forces more interested in their own agendas than alleviating migrants’ pain.

In Honduras, where the first caravan originated, the organizers included loyalists of Manuel Zelaya, a one-time Cuban-allied and Venezuelan-financed president ousted after attempting to remain in power beyond his constitution-mandated term limit. Since then, Zelaya has been on a campaign to further destabilize Honduras, while traveling around the region’s socialist-leaning strongholds.

The migrants’ first trek from Honduras in early September was followed by three other caravans from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Some migrants are now at the US border.


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