A Land Of Fire

It isn’t President Trump who should “keep his mouth shut” but Maxine Waters.
It isn’t President Trump who should “keep his mouth shut” but Maxine Waters.

Maxine Water’s got it bassackwards in telling President Donald Trump to “keep his mouth shut” on blaming “mismanagement” for California fires leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Waters, whose screech to impeach is more ear-piercing than anyone else’s, was as silent as the dead when it came to protecting California against becoming ‘The Land of Raging Infernos’.

Not a peep from Screech when California shut off the water supply to farmers, ranchers and others in what used to be the Golden State.

It happened back in 2009, the year Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated, that a judge cut water to California farmers all to save what radical environmentalists called an “endangered” fish.

“On the March 28 World News Saturday, ABC gave rare attention to the plight of drought-stricken farmers in California who have been denied access to a major water supply by a judge citing the Endangered Species Act to protect a type of fish. During a story recounting the unusual level of problems facing these farmers – a recession coinciding with drought – correspondent Lisa Fletcher informed viewers: “And for the first time ever, farmers may be completely cut off from one of their sources of water. Farmers don’t have access to this water that runs right through the center of their farmland. It is being allocated to the delta smelt, a little fish protected by the Endangered Species Act.(NewsBusters, March 31, 2009)

“Conservationists say the smelt are dying in the irrigation pumps, so a judge ruled they must be shut off for much of the growing season.”

“Fletcher then told of an almond farmer who is now forced to spend $600,000 digging his own well. Fletcher: “That hits almond farmers, like Shawn Coburn, particularly hard. Ninety percent of the nation’s almonds come from this valley, and almond trees need a lot of water. … So Coburn is spending $600,000 to dig a new well, and he hopes to buy himself some time.”

“The report ended with a soundbite of Firebaugh, California, city manager Jose Ramirez pleading for more water: “All our people want here is a job. That’s all we want. You let the water flow, food will grow, and jobs will flow after that, and we’re in business.”

Over the next decade, the trees continued to grow, overcrowding each other while ‘environmentalists’ made it all but impossible to cut back on fire-feeding undergrowth.

Water brings fires under control, but in May, 2018 Gov. Jerry Brown imposed a 55 gallons per-person per-day on California citizens, many of which were destined to burn down to ashes in coming fires.

During all, no one in California, where 42 people have already been found dead with 200-plus still missing, heard a cry for help from California Rep. Maxine Waters.

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Update 3:05am November 15th, 2018:

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