A Clear And Present Danger

Lack of sovereignty is the greatest shutdown of the federal government.
Lack of sovereignty is the greatest shutdown of the federal government.

Would you let criminals take your home and hurt your family, or would you pay for a front door that locks?

It typically costs roughly $1,500-$2,000 to purchase and install a no-frills exterior door on your home. Not cheap at all. But would you agonize over the cost for a minute when the entire cost and safety of your whole home and its occupants are on the line, especially when dangerous criminals, burglars, and murderers are specifically targeting your neighborhood for infiltration?

Well, elected officials are like the head of this household, America is our house, and our southern border is our exterior front door. But almost all leaders in both parties are unanimous that it’s more important to spend money on the front doors of states in the Middle East rather than our own to prevent, among others, Middle Eastern terrorists from coming here. These are people who have already funded the other seven governmental departments at record levels, yet they can’t find $25 billion or even $5 billion for a national front door.

To illustrate the warped priorities of the elites, one cowardly Republican senator gave the following anonymous quote to Politico, “Syria is crumbling. And we’re talking about a f&^king wall.”

The sad fact is that, putting aside the merits of our Middle East policies, if you believe we need security in the Middle East, then by a factor of 10,000 you should be clamoring for it on our own border.

Illegal immigration: the needless and expensive unfunded liability on Americans

Last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Judiciary Committee that the Border Patrol is averaging 2,100 apprehensions per day so far this fiscal year. That is an annualized rate of 766,500 illegals. Those are just the ones we catch. How many are allowed to come in undetected as a result of the agents being tied up with family units? While there is no definitive number, the best estimate the government has is from a 2016 Institute for Defense Analysis report prepared for the DHS. If you look at the last time annual apprehensions reached over 700,000, our apprehension rate was only 40 percent, which would put us at a projected flow of 1.7 million per year. Now, it’s very likely that with the new era of lawfare and illegals surrendering themselves to agents on purpose, a higher share of the illegal crossers are being “apprehended,” but let’s just say the total border flow is slated for one million this year.


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