The "deal" isn't legally binding because it was negotiated by the P5+1, an informal group with no legal existence, no mission statement and answerable to no one.

The decision by US President Donald Trump to prolong the lifting of some sanctions against Iran for a further 120 days has reopened the 4-year old “what to do about Iran” debate.

The Scourge of Multiculturalism.

Canada is an extreme though not unique example of impending ethnocide, “promoting its own replacement by foreigners from other races, religions and cultures.”

Mark Norman’s treatment made even more outrageous by strong whiff of politics.

Procurement: For decades the armed forces have had to make do with outmoded, inadequate or just plain missing equipment, while politicians, bureaucrats, contractors and lobbyists played their sordid games; jobs, votes, profits and power took precedence over the security of the country and the safety of military personnel.