One of the greatest factors in China’s position in the world today is because in May, 1994 the country was given Most Favored Nation status by none other than Bill Clinton.

The Swamp runs deep and it’s messy. But as for China and the Trade Deficit, let’s give credit where it’s due– Bill Clinton

Why? Why? Why?: A May 24 snowstorm buried cars and closed schools in Newfoundland.

In Newfoundland, climate change (from bad to worse) is a given.

Horwath either doesn’t grasp the magnitude of this inexcusable matter or is so blinded by partisanship that she has lost all perspective.

Andrea Horwath shows the absolutely wrong way to respond to Hitler.

“I’ve heard enough on the subject.”

Open rebellion from Conservatives, NDP over $7 billion spending approval.

Dems have lost touch!”: Trump

Trump welcomes ‘productive’ statement from North Korea, says Dems ‘rooting against’ talks.

Housing affordability remains a formidable challenge for millennials.

Millennials aren’t abandoning home ownership, just delaying it — and the coming wave will be huge.

Rumors are circling that SpaceX boss Elon Musk is planning to launch his own 'intergalactic media empire.'

Elon Musk rants about media criticizing Tesla and says he will start a ‘yelp for journalists’.

Dempsey warned that the Jean-Claude Juncker's European Commission is "extremely worried".

Italy set to SINK Macron’s reform: Brussels fear EU founder will unleash ‘enormous damage’.

A lot of voters have to be imagining Ford as premier, and at least some have to be wondering what kind of low-rent soap opera they would be signing up for.

Vote-rigging allegations are poison for Doug Ford’s brand (Ed: unless they aren’t.)